It is no longer possible to remain outside the conversation around the impact of humans on Earth’s natural systems. The age we are living in is referred to as the Antropocene, literally a time period impacted by humans. We are on a climate change heating path that will make life on the planet somewhere between hard to cope with and unlivable. The science is clear and compelling and virtually unanimous; we must limit the temperature rise to no more than 1.5 degrees. We are on a path to exceed that. Limiting new carbon in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels is the path to bring us back from the brink of climate disaster.

This is the science behind climate change:

The agreements at COP26 (convening of the parties) this week have some good things but not enough to meet the moment. I wouldn’t call this session a party. You can listen here to a wrap-up of COP26 here:

And the climate crisis is bundled with biodiversity loss, food insecurity, mass migrations, political instability and water scarcity, to name a few.

Well, what does this have to do with design and interiors? In a word EVERYTHING. Every sector of every industry is engaging in practices that either help or hamper the warming of the climate. The planet will survive our extinction so we don’t need to speak of saving the planet; this is about rebalancing natural systems before it is too late for humans, animals and plant life.

Like it or not, fans of individual liberty, limiting carbon emissions is about working together, learning from each other, respecting science and research and changing our behaviors for the common good. Let’s act as if our lives depend on it. 

NUBU Design, the new beautiful, recognizes that the combined impacts from the cycle of resourcing-manufacturing-use-disposal in the furniture and furnishings industries is immense and that it can made net positive instead of net negative. 

Cue the upbeat music: starting immediately you can learn to distinguish between vendors who are rapidly reducing their negative impacts and those who excel at stringing together lovely marketing words.

We will supply a protocol that you can test, share examples of leaders, NAME NAMES, mostly in a positive light. We will respond to your questions, engage with you and each other in a forum. We will share our 9-prong plug framework and analyze vendors’ public statements in the 9 areas of highest concern. We offer this values alignment tool to help with specifying and purchasing.

Our membership is free and made possible by our education partners who have been especially invited as examples of vendors who are on a net positive path, as defined by the former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman. Please consider his book a baseline piece of reading:

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